As I hinted at this weekend, I was a Captain Distracto.  In lieu of marking on Friday, I went to an antique show.  In lieu of marking Saturday afternoon, I went for a long walk with a friend, then took her grocery shopping for heavy stuff (she is car-less).  But, Saturday night and Sunday morning I put pen to paper & got my marking done!  (Not that there won't be more headed my way . . . )

So, I did work on a painting.  But I ran out of white paint and, all grubby & covered in paint, I just threw in the towel.  I'll buy some paint soon, and I'll work on it again next weekend.  But, here's a sneak peak:

I promise more pics & "how-to" when I'm done
this painting

Below are some photos of the two goodies I bought at the antique show.  (And, a tip: if you're headed to an antique show with an entrance fee, check out the website.  I signed up for the newsletter via email and received a discounted admission).  Another McCoy planter:

Here are the photos I promised of the whole collection, stored in our much loved Ikea Besta wall unit (modular units are swell for small spaces - if it fits perfectly, it makes every inch count!):

Super hard to take a photo of it - our living room is NOT really wide . . .

My second antique show find was a pair of Majorica (a manufactured replica of cultured) "pearl" earrings.  The size and setting is so gorgeous, I don't even care if they are manufactured.   

This is an end of day photo - ignore the messy hair

Check out the substantial backing . . .

How was your weekend?