{all photos via Poster Cabaret}


ou gotta have decent artwort when attempting to pull off a mid-century look. It's just a must. I came across Poster Cabaret's online shop and drooled for about an hour looking through all their prints. The hubs and I have been looking for something to go above our couch. It's looking preeeeettty drab right now. See below...

Ugh! I get depressed just looking at it! So, I thought that perhaps three of these prints would look pretty nifty there. Framed, of course. We shall see. We've been here a year and still haven't made a decision. So, I'm not going to hold my breath on that one! I hope everyone's Monday started off the week just right! It rained all day here! Alllllll day. I walked to get my lunch today (just to the school cafe) and was absolutely drenched when I got back. Drenched! Yes... I had an umbrella. Worked great to keep my head dry. But, my pants and shoes? Not so much. So... tomorrow, I'm taking my wellies! I don't care if I end up looking completely ridiculous! Until tomorrow sweet peas! Here's to staying dry!!

Happy Decorating!