It's been awhile since I blogged about a movie, but after seeing 'The kids are all right' last night I knew it was time! Starring Annette Bening and Julianne Moore as a couple raising their kids they had through a donor -the film tackles a lot of issues facing modern families today without being preachy. The movie seriously made me laugh and cry and I would recommend you all to see it! However, keep the rating in mind, it's not child friendly (nor would you want to see it with your parents or children no matter their ages if you get my drift; awkward!!)
Without giving any of the plot away, the part of the film I identified with most was just a small sub-plot. The daughter is going off to college and it reminded me so much of the day my parents dropped me off at my dorm room; I saw so many of my own feelings on the face of that bright young actress bringing back a flood of emotions!
It's going to be another hot and sticky weekend, why not go to the movies?