It was my birthday a few weeks ago. I'm big on birthdays. Much more so than other celebrations. The first born posted these to me...
does anyone else have trouble making the bed since they started blogging?
Gifts from Jess have a special meaning for me for a number of reasons. They signify how well she knows me. How much she 'gets' me. How generous and thoughtful she is in the gift giving stakes. I like to think she gets that from me! 
I bet Sibella knits dishcloths!
But it's much more than's about a relationship between a mother and a daughter that is everything I had hoped it would be. It hasn't been all smooth sailing...what relationship is? But it's wonderful now. Close. 
A very different relationship to the one I have with my own mother I'm sad to say, even though I know the love is there.
There has been a lot written about mothers and daughters and I have heard it described as life's most profound bond. I am inclined to agree. If not that, then I think it is certainly the most complex of relationships. Because what daughter (and I of course speak as one) doesn't want her mother's love, support, admiration and respect? In a way that is different from wanting that from others.
Which is not to belittle or relegate the mother-son relationship...because I have one of those as's just a different one, but that's for another post.
I read somewhere the other day a description of the mother-daughter relationship that likens it to being on a rollercoaster - the big, scary kind that you're able to see from the next town over and whose passengers can be heard shrieking from miles away! 
I kind of like that: a little bit scary, exciting, fun, exhilarating...and the screaming comes from joy not anger...
I came across the speech I gave at the first born's 21st the other day, in which I offer sage advice...of course! And where I state publicly how beautiful, brave, smart and funny she is...because I never said that enough when she was growing up. The fact that I didn't have that said to me was no excuse. But the reality is, the most precious gifts that Jess has given me are these: she's taught me a great deal about being a mother, a woman, a parent, and a daughter. I think it's meant to be the other way around, but she is one wise young woman and I pay attention. Beautiful inside and out.
So thank you for these wonderful 'totally me'...and yes, extremely blogworthy gifts my darling girl! 
now that Jeeves is in the house I hope he irons the teatowels and makes the bed!
And thank you especially for the gift of your love, and your friendship. And for sending me texts that say you miss me! I'm very lucky to have you (and your brother of course...but this is about daughters!)
all images from we heart it; except pictures of the gifts which I took, and the last which I nicked from Jess's facebook profile (see, she even lets me be a FB friend...I must have done something right!)