The most well known (and beautiful) spaces at San Simeon are the pools. While the Roman Pool was abandoned by guests, the Neptune Pool , seen here, was the epicenter of the estate and continues to be used by staff!
My favorite shot of the pool - the shaded loggia which surrounds the pool with views of the ocean, the mountains and up the Big Sur. Can't you just see yourself here with a stack of magazines and cool drinks? In the background, notice the lights on concrete 'terms' which I discussed in my post on lanterns. I love those ionic columns!This pool was known as the temporary pool, built originally for the visit of Hearst's semi-estranged sons in 1924 who were living with his wife in NY and eventually rebuilt 3 times by 1936 into what we see today.The focus of the pool is the temple, pieced together from Hearst's extensive collection of Roman antiquities. The entire estate feels like one big jig-saw puzzle at times! The parts which were missing were simply recreated to finish off the building.
Above you see the pool filler, a bit fancier than yours at home? Another beautiful marble pool ladder.
The white marble glows blue, as you can see, due to the blue tilework. We need more blue pools like this today, so refreshing!
The ceilings of the loggia were also marble with a light fixture in each coffer.This grouping of statues depicting the birth of Venus in the corner against the hillside was not antique but rather carved in the 1930s by Italian artisans.As you can tell from the shot below, the estate is located 5 miles on the top of a huge hill from the base at the ocean (and route 1). The 'camp' of houses exists further up the hill from the pool.
I hope you enjoyed the tour of the Neptune Pool, just what we need in this record heat!