P erhaps it's my sheer exhaustion that's making me think about dreamy, fluffy, boho awesome pillows. I don't know, but I do know that Anthropologie seems to always put out pillows that make my heart pitter patter just a tad faster. If you have a space that is drab, add some boho style pillows to it. These are sure to brighten up any drab space! Now... do you have to go to Anthro to get them? Absolutely not! Unless you have some serious cash to spare, I suggest you hit up Etsy or less pricey stores like Pier 1. Thrift shops and vintage boutiques don't hurt either. You can always look there, of course! OR... make them yourself! You need not be an expert seamstress! I bought a few awesome napkins on clearance from Anthro a few years back. I think I paid like $3 a piece for them. I then took throw pillows I had in my house that I couldn't stand the sight of any longer and I covered them with the cool napkins. I just sewed the napkins by hand on three sides (turned inside out), stuffed the ugly pillow inside and then hand sewed the fourth side (not turned inside out). Voila! Other option, albeit a bit ghettofied, is to safety pin it! Of course, this could look cool if that's the look you're going for. : ) So... that's the extent of my DIY skills, but useful nonetheless.
I sure hope you all had a fantabulous Wednesday. The shop is now down to 4 pieces of furniture, some chairs and quite a bit of tchotchkes. Um... yes... tchotchkes is a word, thank you very much. "Ghettofied" probably isn't. : ) I had a migraine sent straight from hell to make me a miserable troll all day long, but I somehow managed to keep a smile on my face and make some friends while I was at it. So, all in all... a good day. Can't complain. : ) Are you in town? Stop in and get something at an unbelievable bargain! Only 2 days left! Keeping in mind though that the online shop will continue. I should be beefing that up with merchandise by mid-August! : )
Happy Decorating!

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