Here is information for you who are planning to have a private pool. Some things to note and consider in planning include:
First: Availability of Land for the Location of pool.

Second: Studying the Structure Type of Swimming Pool and Filtration System
The following information on the fundamental differences of the two types of structures and construction of swimming pool filtration system:

  A. System of a conventional pool / with piping (underground piping).
Swimming pool piping system is a system whereby the manufacture of swimming pool at the bottom of the pond construction structures at planting pipe - pipe used to help drain the water into the filtration tank and to drain water that has filtered back into the pond.

B. Pool system (integrated pool and filter).
Systems of this type of swimming pool is a pool system where the structure is not required pool construction pipes. For water filtration, filtration systems used in structures that blend with the main pool structure (monolithic structure). This system is very beneficial for pond owners who do not have the vast land, because penenmpatan pool pumps and filters that are used placed dibibir / in the pond.

Third: Selecting materials Construction Material swimming pool.

Fourth: To identify the types of swimming pool filters
Five: Learning How to Maintain Swimming and Swimming Pool Water Treatment