many people want to have a nice bathroom and was also impressed luxurious and minimalist, elegant bathroom has to provide comfort and satisfaction to homeowners, to create an elegant bathroom there are some things to look like the arrangement of these objects.

Selection of toilet there are two options, namely toilet seat or squat toilets, although this time the majority has chosen the toilet seat, but enthusiasts are still only squat toilets are always there, Which is best depends on the relative user satisfaction. 

Bath tube with hot water can be selected bath tube with electrical power for heating or bath tube that uses a gas tube as a heater or heater, if you do not like to bother you should choose from the electric heater, because if using gas, then you should go back and forth to replace gas, but there is belief that the bath tube from the gas to produce heat faster than the bath tube with electric heater, you should check with the shop provider before purchasing a bath tube

Shower in terms of efficiency labih save water than bathing with a bucket or bath tube, currently available shower warm water and cold water shower with a knob to select the water to be used.