in the design of stairs, first consider who I am who use the stairs; whether their children or the elderly. Basically, anyone who uses the stairs, they should feel comfortable.
 To give a sense of comfort when climbing the stairs, there are several factors to consider when planning, such as:
· height and size of the child (footing) ladder
· The slope (steepness)
· Use of fence stairs (railing & bluster)
· Use borders
· anti-slip material, and
· lighting in the stairwell

In order not to disturb the comfort, there is a formula that could be a benchmark in determining the height and width of the stairs. Higher rungs denoted by (a) and width of the steps (b).

Ideally is 2a + b = 60-65 cm
If 2a + b = 60-65 cm, then it will be very steep stairs. In the meantime, if 2a + b <60, then the ladder will be very gentle. It has a really steep staircase saves space, because the stairs are not wide. But such steps are not comfortable and more dangerous for small children or the elderly. The height and width affect the steepness of a staircase ladder.