You know I've been getting closer to finally hanging my silhouette collection (which, aside from two my Hubby gifted me, has never, EVER been hung).  I've blogged about silhouette arrangement inspiration twice (see here & here) so that is a good clue as to what is brewing in the townhouse.  I thought the collection would look more sharp if I painted some of the random, tacky frames (see pics below) black so they all match in colour, but differ in texture.  And, it would save some bucks (as opposed to buying new frames).  I even bragged about the saving money part to Hubby.

Before - all different frames
Here's a close up of one of the offending frames

Pouncing on a rare warm day, I set to work.  I sprayed and sprayed and sprayed.  I'm no stranger to this kind of project but I tend to only buy Tremclad paint as I typically paint metal surfaces (like the base of my DIY'd desk).  But this (new to me) brand did something weird.  From afar the frames look okay:

But close up, the surface has turned all bumpy in some areas.  Perhaps the weather wasn't warm enough (the instructions suggested 10 degrees celsius + and it was . . . ), or the can was defective.  Anyway, take a look at the damage:

DIY gone wrong.

They would pass in the dark with a shove, but I just gave up & bought new frames to replace the damaged ones.  I even found the perfect sized round frame for my newest silhouette

BIM - Bought It Myself

Next up: I finally found a frame for my magnetic chalkboard project.  Let's hope I don't goof this up too.

P.S. Hubby was so cute: he thoughtfully helped me pick out new frames and never once laughed about my genius plan to refurbish the old frames.  He didn't complain that I stunk up the garage for no reason, or got paint on the floor, or left him with a pile of random junk to deal with when the project & I decided to abruptly part ways.