Remember when I told you guys earlier in the week that I would be painting our bedroom?  Again!  I believe I even gave you a hint as to what the new color would be - "not white"
Well, it's time for the big reveal.....

Yep, I painted it the same color I painted the library.  Valspar calls this color "orange glow" but I really think they should have called it "French's mustard".
This is one of the new lamps we got at the antique store (we have a matched set) they are from the 60's and for some reason they remind Braxton of a pineapple - huh?

My story boards looks vibrant against the new color.

Close up of the lamp.  Don't you just love the fiberglass shades from the mid century?

This is after I switched the curtains with the ones in the guest room.  I won't be leaving these in here, but don't you think the black and white is pretty cool with the mustard yellow?  Too much?  Care to vote?

For those of you who are REALLY paying attention; I switched the "pineapple" lamps with the ones in the guest room.  I can't decided which room should get the great lamps and which should get the crappy ones we got when we were first married.  I think another trip to the antique store is in order.

Yes, this entire wall is mirrored.  When we first bought the house we were appologizing all over the place for our kinky walls (the previous owners installed them) now we don't even notice them.  It's a pretty small room and I'm sure we would miss them if they were gone.
Please disregard the tiny woman in the blue sweater.

Braxtons bright orange dresser looks great against the yellow.

Apparantly I owe everyone a huge appology for those disgusting pictures of the Crab and Corn Casserole I posted about earlier in the week.  Next time I make something that looks that dreadful I promise to keep it to myself.

Am I the only one who's craving a soft hot pretzel with mustard?

Have a BEAUTIFUL WEEKEND everyone!!