Every Friday Chania from Razmataz has a photo challenge. This week's was to photograph your dresser...
which was slightly problematic for me...
as I don't have one. Did you see the frou-frou juju in the mirror...never mind...another look coming up. It still makes me laugh every time I look at it :)
So I thought I'd photograph the closest thing I have, which is a bookcase I rescued from the bottom part of my bedroom when I started doing up the boring beigedom that I inherited from the previous owners. I painted it of course. I painted the mirror too.
Chania wanted us to keep it real...but quite frankly you weren't going to get it in its untidied state...the fake silk flowers might disturb you enough! And I didn't straighten that world history book either. Or take out the unpainted ikea box. Never mind. 
...and as it's now Saturday, clearly you weren't going to get it on time either...the post I mean.
I use the mirror and the top of the bookcase to deposit the jewellery I've taken off...so quite a bit of it lives here permanently. It's handy and just a little bit decorative. On a good day. 
There are always books...and of course you know by now that there's no room in my house that doesn't have a buddha! 
Pop on over to Chania's to have a sticky at other people's dressers. Or better still, take some photos of yours and link up :)