Wow - thanks for all the fabulously helpful suggestions on my earlier post about an upcoming DIY project.  In anticipation of the warmer weather I'm really getting my ducks in a row in terms of planning projects.  Next on my list of things to agonize over: this vintage solid wood table I found curbside on garbage day in 2010 (Tanya Time, what can I say?).   

I'm going to use it as a place for the bedroom accent pillows when they aren't in use.  My current system is not working:

I waffled months earlier about what to do with this table (polka dots, solid colour?) but now that I know where I'm going to put it, it should be easier.  At the very least, I promise this is the last time I'll beg for help picking a colour/pattern (you're all just so darn creative!)  Before I commit to anything, go wild: tell me how you envision this table.  Have any inspiring before/after photos of your own furniture makeovers? 

Below are some photos of where the table shall soon live. 

P.S. Click here for more bedroom photos - including the "before".