I am really obsessed with the 'LOVE" print by Made by Girl.  What really tickles me is that 'szeretet' means love in Hungarian (for folks new to my blog, I speak Hungarian and tend to favor anything that references Hungary or Finland - the other half of my cultural make-up).  Because I so rarely see Hungarian referenced outside of Hungary, this print really appeals to me. 

Photo Source: Made by Girl

But I think maybe I am on a text-art kick in general.  Remember the random letter wall decoration I blogged about & the newspaper art I liked?  And check out these fabulously inspiring examples of text-art I have amassed in my inspiration folder:

Brown Button

Lonny Mag via
7th House on the Left

Apartment Therapy

This piece, found on Me Oh My! has a great tutorial.  Click here to check it out.

Me Oh My!

It's a Wannabe Decorator's Life

Via Little Blue Deer

What do you think of text as art?  Do you prefer vintage signage or do you like the DIY'd look?  I think I want to try making some textalicious art.  Something really random and personal . . .