Hi everyone. Thank you for reading. Some of you will know Julienne who writes the blog Mostly older than Me. Some of you won't. But I wonder if you would send some love her way...
Julienne's husband Brandon...who she always referred to as 'TOP' on the blog, died suddenly and totally unexpectedly last Sunday. There is a tribute to Brandon in this local newspaper article.
Julienne is surrounded by her family at the moment, and she's asked me to tell you that she'll be back as soon as she can. In her own words: 

I will come back to my bloggy friends soon but at the moment my house is full with the kids and whilst it is ringing with tears so, it is ringing with laughter.

As it should. But in the meantime I would be very grateful if you could send Julienne a message of love, care and support...the stuff that bloggers are made of. I know she would find some comfort in your words. This is the link to Julienne's blog or if you'd prefer to comment here I will make sure she gets them.
Thanks everyone. I'm sure Julienne wouldn't mind me saying that you're a top lot :)