{all photos via Sundance Catalog website}


friend of mine recently mentioned the Sundance Catalog to me. She said they sell boho style clothing and such. So, I decided to check it out. Not bad! Love their selection of women's clothing! Of course, I'm kind of a coward and never shop through a catalog. : ( I know... so wussy of me. But, I'm always afraid it won't fit right once it arrives in the mail. I like going to the store, feeling the fabric, trying it on and so forth. Old school, I suppose. But, if you're more courageous than me and have some cash to burn... check out their catalog here! : )

Happy Wednesday, by the way! I've been having one of those weird weeks where I'm getting sleepy by like 5:30 pm! What am I? 80? Apparently. Oh well. Okay... nighty night!

Happy Decorating!