I feel like this painting has had a gestation period equivalent to that of an elephant! I was determined to paint this costume after I'd seen it in the flesh at the Ballets Russes exhibition at the NGA.
There were many times during the process when I wanted to give up (and then it would have been an elephant of the white variety wouldn't it!)
But thanks to the encouragement of lots of people on FB, and the painterly advice of two of my favourite bloggy people, Mariska and Kerri with an 'i'...I soldiered on. And found a spot to hang it. But...it looked a bit lonely there beside my very big Helen Norton limited edition, so I added a simple poster from the Ballets Russes exhibition, and I'm a bit happier...
There's still an awful lot of wall space to fill in my living room though :) Guess I should show you that some time shouldn't I, now that it's painted and everything...and with the chandeliers up and sparkle arkling...
Just need to clean up this mess first ok?
Heaps of creative people over at Kootoyoo. Toodle-oo.

all images by me, 'cos it's my painting, my house and my mess!