Do you know who the world record holder for the heaviest and fattest human category? John Brower was he who comes from Seattle United States who have weight 635Kg!

Heaviest person in medical history was John Brower Minnoch who lived from 1943 and died in 1983. he is suffering from obesity since childhood age, height 185cm weighing more than 635kg ..

At that time he suffered a heart attack and took him to the hospital to take a dozen people to lift it onto the ferry .. when arriving at the hospital, two beds nerlapis used to accommodate her body, and it takes at least 13 people just to push it.

After undergoing a strict diet for two years by consuming only 1,200 calories per day, he managed to lose weight to be 215 pounds .. with the total reduction is 420 Kilo medical record in the weight reduction ever achieved by living things .. but in October 1981 her weight increased again as many as 89 kilograms.

At his death on 10 September 1983 weighing more than 362kg