t was such a beautiful weekend that I just couldn't pass the chance to share some pictures of the weekend with you all. I visited with my best friend this Saturday and we did our usual beach walk. She lives a short 10 minute drive away from this gorgeous beach. So, I always come prepared with camera in hand. I hope you enjoy the snap shots...
I thought this young couple in love was so precious I just had to snap a picture of them kissing by the beach. So romantic... : )

The pigeons were everywhere... I'm just glad we didn't have any sandwiches in hand or they would've been gonners... along with the tops of our fingers! Yikes!

My friend snapped these pictures of me at sunset...

It was a gorgeous sunset indeed...
I hope you enjoyed these. : ) I enjoyed sharing them with you. I'll be back tomorrow with Mid-Century Monday's blog post!! Good night all!!
Happy Decorating!