1. Gundala Putera Petir ( Lightning man ) Gundala is a comic character created by Hasmi that first appeared in comic Gundala Putera Petir in 1969. Clearly visible influence on American superhero comics character design and the type of power, although the Indonesian-style storyline. Location of story is often portrayed in the city of Yogyakarta, although the film is told in 1982 in Jakarta.

Starting from a genius named Sancaka researchers found serum anti-lightning. Drowning in his ambition as a scientist, he forgot Minarti birthday, her boyfriend, which resulted in their breakup. Sancaka a broken heart raced with a troubled heart in the midst of heavy rain. Suddenly a lightning snatched. In a coma he was pulled by a force from another planet and was adopted by the king of the Kingdom of Thunder who holds Emperor Kronz, super abilities as well as blessed, that can emit lightning from his palm. Typhoon king of the kingdom Bayu gave her strength to run like the wind. Since then, at certain times, he appeared as the champion of evil penumpas tight black dress with shoes and a red loincloth. His face was covered with a mask, just looking eyes and mouth, on the side of the mask contained ornaments like bird wings. 

2. Godam Manusia Besi ( Iron Man Godam)Godam is a comic character created by WID NS. First appear in the title hunt Doctor Satan in 1969. Godam comes from another dimension who are named Godam country. Due to opposition to cruelty Queen Candalani, Godam a country nobleman's son was a baby Godam a fugitive as both parents are considered to be rebelling against authority Candalani. 

3. Aquanus Aquanus is a comic character created by WID NS. First appear in the title Vibhy Aquanus at Planet in 1968. When an attack to the planet Zyba Burbur nation, foster son who was a baby king Sving taken with a rocket into space. The rocket fell into the ocean on planet earth. Family child care whalers named Dhanus it.

Zyba nation is a nation that can live on land and in water, so that Dhanus could easily play into the ocean floor. One time while diving on the ocean floor, someone claiming to come from Zyba rescue her from a giant octopus attack. The man was shot dead by divers. Previously she gives belts rainbow rays to Dhanus. Belt has become a mainstay weapon Aquanus. Aquanus name comes from Aqua meaning water, and Nus from Dhanus.

4. Prince Mlaar Prince Mlaar is a comic character created by Hasmi. Mlaar is the Crown Prince of a kingdom on the planet Covox. After killing his father by the gang Mlaar Telern and Princess Chief Minister of Perak, Mlaar was rushed by his uncle who is a genius scientist. Thanks to a fabrication by his uncle, Mlaar have the ability that could make it stretchy elasticity within certain limits. 

5. Caroq Caroq Indonesia is a superhero character of Ahmad Thoriq. Caroq was created in 1992. His real name is Ongko who work as taxi drivers. He has the magical power to transform himself into a superhero. Caroq has 2 blades celurit long magic. Nemesis is The Hand of Four and The Vile. 

6. Jin Kartubi Jin Kartubi Hasmi is a comic character creation in 1968. Kartubi is a giant genie servant Maza. If Maza need it, he lived his switchblade knife rub. Kartubi will soon appear with a guffaw. 

Kartubi actually a prince in the land of jinn called Mbegadud kingdom. Her father is the king Mansuk Lezus. Evil brothers who put it into the bottle and throw it away. He entered the dream sunflower (Maza alter ego) that he would serve him and into the dagger. Being giant Maza Kartubi often used in dealing with the threat of such giant Xephros-stealth and stealth giant on the island of ghosts. His ability to fly very exploited the superhero who can not fly for air transport. 

7. Kalong (Bat)Bats or Kalong is a comic character created by Hasmi. First appeared in 1972 in Calong Son Bat. Agus Supriyadi hiding in a coffin in order to participate in archaeological expedition to the mountains Dieng led by his father. Agus is actually not allowed to participate by their parents are forced to live around the tent with an employee of his father. A child Isman other fruit participated in a plot that would blackmail his father. Realizing the danger of people who then pursued him, Agus ran and plunged into a ravine and fainting. 

Agus who woke up from fainting lost came to a cave. Inside the cave full of bats, Agus met with the human race from the kingdom Laksa Bantala bat at the end of the cave. King named Xamfereet gave him a magical object which when affixed to the forehead would turn it into little superhero called the Bat. Bat then frustrate blackmail his father's men. Bats can fly like a bat, immune to weapons. The tip of his finger can emit light of understanding. If the beam is imposed on animals, then animals that can understand and speak to give an honest description.
8. Sembrani Sembrani is a comic character created by Hasmi. Appears first in the series Gundala 1000 Pendekar 1974. Tangguh is located on the edge of craters in Dieng poison gas, when there is something that attracted him down into the crater. A spacecraft had already fallen into the crater. The presence of objects that apparently neutralize the poison gas. Through the 3-dimensional projection, Otohrb, a warlord who has long been dead in battle in Ristuty star system talk to him. He gave the Tangguh a necklace that can turn it into a superhero named Sembrani. Sembrani have the ability to neutralize the magnetic field and electric field, neutralizes toxins and can fly. 

9. Zantoro Zantoro come from families that are less harmonious, his sister called Mantoro lived with his mother, while Zantoro lived with his father. The father was a merchant and an expert in the manufacture of sharp weapons. Zantoro also inherited his father's ability to make sharp weapons and also an expert in play. Zantoro very hate crime, he would feel very angry if they see a crime in front of him, and not a few petty criminals and big fish that successfully arrested by Zantoro.

10. Merpati Sedhah is a journalist who was helping his father, who was kidnapped fell into a ravine and being helped by a bunch of pigeons who then took him to Queen
Merpati (pigeon). Pigeon Queen Sedhah enter into a magic potion that makes Sedhah has super strength and is known as "Merpati ."