Apartment Therapy had a great post about sprucing up file cabinets awhile ago.  I love this one:


And this one:


I also love this file cabinet makeover, from House of Sarager.  And check it out: we have the same greeting card filer - the orange thing on top of the cabinet.  I bought mine at a yard sale (you can kind of see it in this post - its on my expidit bookcase).  How weird is it that I see it on someone else's blog?


Anyway, the file cabinet in my office is pretty boring.  I did buy a wood one, which I like better than the metal kind.  But it seriously needs some sprucing up.

A pattern like this would look awesome:

But, for the time being I switched out the handles.  I think that little change made it look a whole lot less 90s "modern office-y".  I want to hold off on doing something bolder until I DIY the magnetic chalkboard I have planned.  If I paint the frame a wild colour, I might leave this as-is.  You might have guessed that change happens slowly around the townhouse . . .

With new handles