Eiffel Tower is actually constructed as a gateway l'Exposition of 1889, a World's Fair which coincides with 100 years of the French Revolution. Despite harsh criticism and protests from residents and intellectuals of Paris Eiffel Tower development process remain to be done starting from 1887 until 1889.Menara was inaugurated March 31, 1889 with flags flying at its peak. and opened to the public on May 6, in which planners sama.Biro 5300 Eiffel create detailed images of the 18,000 pieces of steel berbeda.Besi linked in the form of crosses from 18 038 seeds reinforced with 2.5 million works of Sir Gustave Eiffel pakuKerangka this windproof , although the material of iron and the weight of the tower only 7300 tons. Eiffel Tower Height from ground to flagpole reached 312.27 meters in 1889, now 324 meters with antenna. Currently, various French television company to install antennas on top of the Tower Eiffel.Angin they can cause the tower is swaying as much as 6-7 cm and heat can cause the top of the tower up to 18 cm away from the sun. Eiffel Tower itself had held the record for the tallest building for 40 tahun.Dimiliki by local governments in Paris and is managed by a private company, "Société Nouvelle de l'Exploitation de la Tour Eiffel", iron frame is renovated every 7 years and painted with 50 tons paint. Renovation work on the workers though that manguasai alpinis and acrobatic sports. 

Development: The Year January 28, 1887 - March 30, 1889 (2 years, 2 months, 5 days). That builds: Alexandre Gustave Eiffel. Architect: Charles Leon Stephen Sauvestre. Cost: 7.4 million Frances. Building materials: made of iron tempa.Pondasi tower made of reinforced concrete. Height: 300.65 m (without antenna), 324 m (with antenna). Stage 1: Height 57.63 m, 4200 m 2 surface area basis. Stage 2: Height 115.73 m, 1400 m 2 surface area basis. Stage 3: Height 276.13 m, surface area basis 350 m2.Berat: 7,000 tons. Lift: In 1889 equipped with an elevator. Number of steps: 1710 steps.