There certainly are many uses for baking soda and I've jumped on the "cleaning with baking soda" bandwagon.  It really does a better job than some of the super caustic, bony hand cleaning products out there (scrubbing bubbles, I'm looking at you).  Plus, I buy it in cases at Costco, so its super cheap.  What has bugged me though, is that I can only buy it in boxes:


And the box always got soggy while I was cleaning (I clean & bathe like a duck - I get water everywhere).  So, I had a lightbulb moment and started using an empty (giant) spice container:

The holes are perfect and now I can sprinkle on the amount I need.  Yay - I love something (anything!) that makes cleaning the townhouse a little easier.

Just wanted to share, in case anyone else has had similar problems.  If you don't have a large spice container (again, Costco), I think any jar could be retrofitted by punching some holes in the lid.

Do you have any nifty cleaning tips?