I've made a change to my blog!  I heart turquoise so when I started blogging, I picked a cheery turquoise as my background colour.  And because I have the world's largest monitor, reading my blog has been no problem.  Now that I've been temporarily demoted to my laptop (with its teeny tiny screen) because I'm visiting my mom, I see that maybe my blog was hard to read.  Hopefully because this darker, greyer colour makes the white text and links pop, my blog will be easier to read.  Tell your eyes I say "you're welcome".

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UPDATE: Tell your eyes I say "I'm sorry".  What looked like a cool grey teal on my laptop became an awful christmas tree green on my larger monitor.  Who knows what horrendous shades I subjected you all to.  Well, I tried again, see here, and hopefully my blog will be easier on the eyes.  Thanks to everyone who stuck around, even when things turned ugly.