stool by RECOVERED - $175

school chair by vintagerenewal - $35

coffee table by jeremiahcollection $550

chairs by ReclaimTheThrone - $700

barnwood table by modernarks - $299

ver had one of those days where you feel like your safest bet is to hide under your covers and not come out? I have to say that's the kind of day I've had... for sure. Without going into full detail, let's just say that the two awesome articles of clothing I purchased during the holidays are already boarded up at the local dry cleaners for the next couple of days. Just one of those days where if I wasn't spilling something on myself, I was deleting something inadvertently on the computer, which I just spent a while completing. Uggh! Definitely annoying, to say the least. It got so bad... that at one point I just bursted into uncontrollable laughter! Yep! Just one of those days! No biggie though. I just have to get myself up... dust myself off... face another day with a smile on my face and faith in my heart that awesome things are just around the corner, right? Yes! : ) All bad luck aside though, it is overall a great week. I've got my God, my health, family, friends, job and you guys. : ) So, let me just quit my moaning and focus on the silver lining of it all. : )
What better way than to peruse Etsy for the latest furniture finds? I'm a sucker for wood furniture, especially when coupled with a Danish Modern or an industrial look. Makes me go weak in my little knees. Do you have a look in mind for the new year? Any particular room you plan to re-do? I'm kinda eyeing a couple of rooms in our house. Not sure which one I want to tackle first though. We shall see... Okay! I'm going to go back into hiding now. I'll come out in the morning. Until tomorrow!
Happy Decorating!