Can you spot the difference between photos A & B? 
Yes, I did move Hubert the Hibiscus and move the plant stand my grandpa made there.  It was really a trick question.  But—bigger news—the thermostat is gone!!  When previous owners converted our heating system from electric to hot water (thank you!) it was changed to operate on one main thermostat which we replaced with a fancy new programmable one.  But every room was left with a big 'ole ugly brown thermostat that was purely “decorative”.  So, my clever Hubby made sure no power was going to them, removed them, then patched, primed and painted the walls.  We think that the small things (like new hinges, doorknobs, etc.) make a big difference.  Well, we hope so because it sure is more affordable than the big stuff (new sofa, new sofa, new sofa).  Now every single room is useless thermostat free! 


Now, some gratuitous dining room pics because the sun streaming in was so pretty.  And I had just dusted.  Can’t let my efforts go to waste. . .

See the "before" of the living/dining Room here.
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