for the quirky, fun person in your life!
night stand lamp for the guy in your life, perhaps?

mag rack for that stylish decorator in your life???

for the timely person...

for the edgier, timely person. : )
for that person with impeccable taste?
for the funloving, creative person. : )

for the person who's kitchen oozes with style...

he perfect gift can be difficult to find. Trust me... I know! Every winter I find myself racking my little brain on what I should get for my loved ones. And then I try to just remember the reason for the season and it makes me feel a little better... that is, until I glance over at the gifts I've gotten and am shocked again at how piddly they look. : ( So... I've been browsing some of my favorite online shops for ideas. I found some pretty nifty ideas on HiveModern. I'm loving the colander... but at $447... I think I'll stick to Crate & Barrel. : )
How's your holiday shopping going? Are you all done? Well... you have about 2 weeks left. Plenty of time, right? : ) Okay... I'm going to go watch Bravo now. It seems to be the only channel that ever stays on in our house. I'm loving the Housewives of Beverly Hills! Those ladies are too funny! Okay... this housewife must go for now. Have a fabulous night all! Until tomorrow!
Happy Decorating!