Please tell me if “Hejdå” does, in fact, mean “good-bye” in Swedish.  If it doesn’t, then darn you wikipedia.

Anyway, I found a perfect chair for the guest room.  I couldn’t find one I wanted (for the price I wanted—truth be told I found many I wanted) in the classifieds or in shops, so I posted a “want” ad with a pic of a chair I liked.  A super stylish woman replied (who gave me a tour of her home and I am green with envy).  She had a chair that met my description and hadn’t wanted to sell it, but it wasn’t being put to use.  She didn’t have the time to give it the TLC it wants (needs).  Knowing someone wanted it and would give it a loving home helped her say good-bye.  She was also jazzed it wasn’t being scooped up by a vendor—they’re like hawks here.  This is the second time I’ve had success posting a want ad, as opposed to clambering for an item already posted. 

I’m headed to my favorite upholstery fabric store to pick something out.  I’m going to pull a colour from the artwork (see below for close-up pics).  I remember a beautiful bright green houndstooth last time I was there, that I’m hoping will still be available to order.  It will take a few weeks for the fabric to come in, so you might not see this chair until the New Year, but I promise to post pictures!

Check out the "before" & "after(ish)" of this room, here, if you haven't seen it.

So long . . .

I'm going for the deconstructed look