I'm testing out my new digi cam and decided that my 1st victim would be my Chlo. : ) Chloe... the male cat. Yes, I know he has a girl name. So sue me. Here he is eyeing his nemesis... the tree. It taunts him day in and day out with shiny and jingly objects he can't reach...

Isn't he handsome? And suuuper sweet too. : ) This is his "I'm gangsta" look.

This is his "I'm classic and elegant" look. Notice the subtle difference? Such a professional that cat!
The back pose...

Yes... he sits like a person sometimes. It's his "thing."

He stands like a person too. But he only does it for Mr. Bird outside... his buddy whom he wishes he could finally meet in person.

He moves the blinds out of his way... : )

Very intent... but apparently Mr. Bird is flying away. See that "Wheeeere are you going???" look on his face??

Oh well... Mr. Bird is gone and Chlo's day is over. He's going to bed. What a long day full of excitement!!
Happy Thursday everyone! I had a pretty good day. I'm reeeally looking forward to tomorrow night! Nothing exciting. Just happy to come home and take a loooong nap. After that, there's an open studio night at the West Tampa Arts Center, where artists of all types open up their creative spaces to the public. I may go. If so, I will surely share some pics with you here!! Until Monday ladies and lads!
Happy Decorating!
P.S. I do plan on starting Thursday's new blog post "10Corners" next week or the following week. Either way, I shall keep you posted. : )