Merry Christmas! I would like to say that before I write the rest of the article. You may be wondering why. Well, again we find ourselves at a time of year, I don't really like. Ahhhhh! How do I convey my feelings? As a Christian, I most definitely observe the meaning of Christmas and am grateful for all it includes. But, I DON'T LIKE THE DECORATING! Pretty much every year I say the same thing on this blog. So some of you may have heard this before. Sorry for that. For some reason, I always feel pressured to write something Christmas-y, even though; I really don't want to. So, as a way to deal with that dilemma, I write about small details that I do like. (You may also notice that I tend to put this off for as long as I can). 

I haven't figured out why Christmas decorating disturbs me so much. I think its because it often seems tacky or forced. I don't like doing things just because it is "expected" of me or because everyone does it. Perhaps I need therapy? 
Okay, enough! I really don't like being negative, so I am concentrating on what I do like. Here are a few details that are very beautiful and unique.

One of my favorite parts of Christmas, is the gift wrapping. Every year I try to think of some new and unusual way of presenting gifts. I found these adorable pom-poms via Bugs and Fishes, here.  She includes a tutorial and many more gift wrapping ideas. 
Yay, I may have a little Christmas spirit after all!!!
P.S. If you are looking for my Eclectic House  articles, they will be back after Christmas.