Having a source of inspiration is so very important to everything that we do in life. I truly believe that. Especially if you're in a creative field/job. I find inspiration in nature and in photographs, among other things like music and art. One of my favorite things to do in my downtime is to browse through other blogs and flickr pages. I clipped just a few of my favorites for my inspiration today. You can click on the pictures for their source. It will re-direct you to the flickr page where I found it. : ) My favorite today? The last picture from San Francisco Girl By the Bay's flickr stream. This is going to be my next project at home. Creating an indoor herb garden. I'm going to put them on a wonderful, primitive piece I have in my dining room. My hubby is going to help me pick out the herbs and pot them and such. I've miraculously kept a geranium plant alive for the past month and a half. So, perhaps I'm developing a green thumb? Doubt it. But since my husband seems to have a green thumb, maybe he can keep them alive? Maybe? : ) I've pretty much stopped any and all decorating for the past few months, with work and all. But... Christmas break is almost here! Yippeeeee! : ) I will be visiting my sis in Chicago for a few days and then spending some time at home to begin our little herb garden. I'll keep you guys posted. I'll also start the 10Corners post at the beginning of the year. : ) Okay... I better go. Gotta be up at 4:30 am! I loooooove my profession with allll my heart, but I am not a morning person. Blech! Will catch ya again Monday! Have a blessed rest of your week!!
Happy Decorating!