The seller emailed me back with dimensions.  Its perfect: 42x16x22.  I offered $50, still waiting to hear back.  Some people really don't spend all day in front of the computer like I do.  It took hours for the first response.  Have I mentioned I hate haggling?

UPDATE: Seems like cheating to start a new post, so here's the update.  The seller accepted $50.  Yay!  Now we need to set up a time for me to pick it up.  I'll take some pics and post when its in my hands.

SECOND UPDATE: Saa-weet.  I picked it up!  I'm pretty excited, can you tell?  Anyone know of a good wood oil that won't rub on on fabric?  It is untreated wood with a great vintage patina.  I need to figure out how to preserve it.  In the New Year I'll try to give it some TLC and show some pics of it in our bedroom.  Right now its too dirty to make it past our garage . . .