Did anyone else read Dominique Brownings article in the NYT regarding "middle aged women and long hair"? I actually first read a few reactions to the article on various blogs then I read the original article. Who knew that middle aged women and their hair styles would be so polarizing??!! I didn't know weather to be pissed off or grateful for the laugh.

As you can see from the following picture (never thought I'd reveal myself did ya?) I am not as old as Dominique (can I call you Dominique?) who is 55 - nor do I even consider myself middle aged (laugh - I'll wait) but I do have longish hair that is also -gasp- prematurely grey. My question is - who the hell cares? Other than myself of course.
Ms. Browning (didn't feel right to call you Dominique) tells us that she has written many an article on the environment, business, politics and even has a new book out - yet has never received the avalanche of responses as she did regarding her article about hair. Apparently the general opinion is that after a certain age - women should relinquish their sexiness/sassyness/self esteem to a younger generation. One reader even responded with shock that DB had mentioned that "men seem to prefer long hair - they like to run their fingers through it". Well guess what, they do. They do when they're 16 and they do when they're 48.

I applaud you Dominique for standing up to your mother, publicist, and friends who have chastised you about your hair. Now lets all go back to admiring DB for her intelligent commentary. BTW, I think you look beautiful.