I've been told a few times that I'm a doer. And that's true...up to a point. It might be more accurate to say that I'm a starter. I start lots of things. It's quite possible that I am guilty of having a short attention span or a low boredom threshold. Although I was told yesterday that I was very patient...that's because yesterday, believe me, it was very necessary!
But it has occurred to me lately that perhaps I need a focus. Perhaps all the trying my hand at this and that is distracting me from being really good, or at least a lot better at something, one thing...any bloody thing!
To illustrate: here are a few of the things that I have started and not quite finished...
  • my design course (but to be fair, I have officially deferred while I sort a few things)  

  • the crocheted blanket...all the squares are done, they just need to be put together (this may be because I'm not quite sure how to do it!)

  • the silver chair...remember how it started off silver leafed and I did, to my credit, see the error of my ways and just paint it silver.  But have I reupholstered the seat yet? No I have not.

  • the bottom part of my bedroom. I got the plastering done months ago, I bought a beautiful rug, the reading chair's been there for yonks...but have I painted it yet so that I can finally finish that room? The one room in the house that will actually be finished. Guilty as charged.

  • Grace and I did a parallel post on what colour I should paint my study to highlight the red accents that are in there. Have I done anything about that? Again, no. But I have decided on white, including painting the bookshelves. The question is: what white?
  • Note the 'stuff I need to deal with' file...that's now stashed somewhere under the desk so I don't need to see it!! This room has changed quite a bit since then, just not in the ways I need it to :)
  • Have the chandeliers sourced by the chandelier fairy been put up? Afraid not, but I have decided where they'll go...I think. Now where's that electrician?

  • Oh, and here's something REALLY funny. A few weeks ago I decided I'd write a novel. I kid you not. I've done three very impressive paragraphs. Silly bugger I am :)
I'm sure I'm not the only one with this lack of focus disease. Am I? What do you do to get stuff finished? I'd love to hear. But right now I'm off to tackle the blue and white tapestry pincushion commission...or maybe I'll go and pick up my new dining room chairs...yes, will definitely do that. Then there's the washing. I have a few new painting ideas...there's fabric galore just waiting to be made into cushions and bags...you can see my dilemma can't you!?! Sigh.
Have a lovely weekend everyone. I'll be back on Monday, hopefully with something that's finished!