My Australian friend is at it again, sending me gorgeous photos from his world travels. This set of photos from public buildings in Vienna especially caught my attention. The Viennese know how to create a dramatic staircase!The image at top reminds me of main hall in the Library of Congress while the red carpeted stair above is reminiscent of an Escher drawing to my mind! Seriously though, is that not the most confusing staircase you have ever seen? A lot going on there.The flooring in the stairhall above is what mainly caught my attention here. The checkered marble, again with the red carpeting, is so striking and those brass light fixtures are really beautiful.
I'll end with yet another complicated stair, however this time the limestone tones of the marble create a very calm feeling. Four very grand stairs and yet each one so different in its' own way, proving that there is more than one way to skin a cat!