Goodness, last night and this morning I was in Canada guest blogging for Grace. This afternoon the top ten is in it's newly scheduled Tuesday time slot. Except next week it'll be in the morning. Confused? Me too.
First up, two beautiful photos taken by Amanda of/at/from (I never know what to say) Small Acorns in them both, but how good are the shadows in the one on the right...
Next two via The City Sage...yes, pink, I know!
Did you see my hot pink persian rugs over at Sense and Simplicity yesterday/today/whenever it was? If not, here they are...aren't they delicious...the one on the left is actually smaller than the one on the right even though it doesn't look that way...and they look kind of raspberry here, but they're not really. Oh, and Mary, the chair came with the pale pink slipcover!
and just a touch more pink via the red thread...
but lest it be said I'm becoming a tad are some greens for you...via busy being fabulous
and a very beautiful white photo taken by Erin of Erin's art and gardens...isn't that light stunning
I really love all the flowery bits here in this one via pink patent mary janes even though this is not how I would decorate...
and the complete over-the-topness of this one via Cornflake...I don't think even I could live in that room for too long!
...and because I'm starting to get a bit antsy about the lack of warm weather here...this pic via the zhush is where I'd like to be right about now. Oops, I think that's 11...oh well, never mind :)
My at home creating day tomorrow so I'll be back on Thursday to show you what I've been up to...which may or may not involve vintage Japanese silk...I so hope I don't stuff it up! Have a good one bloggy peeps.