leather ballerina flats by spirocreations - $225

plaid backpack by Kibber - $95

laptop sleeve by Bertiescloset - $23.99

retro school globe by CaptainCat - $75

chalkboards by Hammermann - $10
Okay, okay... so perhaps I am a big geekazoid, but it's a step up from the horrific troublemaker I was in my pre-teen years, okay? So there! I'm loud and proud to be a big nerd now and I don't care who knows it! : ) Glad to have gotten that off my chest, thank you very much. So, most schools get back in session this coming week. At least in our town they do. I figured I would do an Etsy search based on back to school items. Isn't that backpack thingy magig absolutely awesome!?! I love it! And those ballet flats? ((sigh))... absolutely lovely. : )
I do hope your week is going fabulously well. I've been craaaaazy busy and pretty much exhausted by 7 pm. But, I must not take any naps or I will have the worst time trying to get to sleep. So, I have to find ways to stay awake and not pass out the second I get home. I'm reading a couple of books right now to help with that. The Twilight Saga's New Moon by Stephenie Meyer and Midnight In The Garden of Good and Evil by John Berendt. Page turners, I swear! See??? Total nerdy McGee! Okay... time for some reading now. Have a good night everyone!
Happy Decorating!