I am ever so chuffed to be guest posting over at Sense and Simplicity today...Monday morning in Toronto, Monday evening here. Time zones...sheesh...confuse me no end!
Grace asked me if I would answer a few questions so she could have a bit of a break and I, of course, was ever so happy to oblige.
Head on over for the first ever outing of the new hot pink persian rugs (it's a scoop I tell you) and to find out the answers to these questions...with lots of accompanying pretty pictures if you get bored with my rabbiting on:
  • my favourite place to show visitors (small hint)...

  • 3 colours I love and do they appear in both my home and my wardrobe (you might be surprised)
  • oldest thing in my home (besides me)
  • 3 words to describe my decorating style (other than shambolic??)
  • most meaningful item in my home (family not allowed)
So toodle-oo, off you go and visit Grace. She's lovely. Except I suppose technically speaking it'll be me. Oh, you know what I mean!