n the mood for a wish? Hey, aren't we all at some point or another? Well... unfortunately, getting a total of three wishes granted by a genie is just a thing of mythological stories and funny TV sitcoms. But, that does not mean you need go without a genie bottle... in the form of a lamp, that is! Genie bottle style lamps are curvy, sexy and a fun decor element to add to any space. Choose the right color and shade and ... voila! Instant art! : ) See? A wish come true! A cool space, just for you!! : ) Sometimes all it takes is a new lamp to make all the difference. Most of the pics above have links to the original source, if you're interested in one of these particular lamps.
Hopefully everyone's week started off pretty nicely. I've been pretty busy working and I'm loving every minute of it! : ) It's wonderful. Of course, that has meant less time to go treasure hunting and posting new inventory to the etsy store. Don't fret friends! Don't fret! As soon as things settle down, there will be more inventory to drool over underway. : ) Wishing all of you an awesome week!
Happy Decorating!