My little heart grew faint when my hubs handed me the West Elm catalog. I'd heard of West Elm, of course. I do read blogs all the time and they're always mentioned. But, I'd never seen a catalog. Of course, I also have never been in a store, because they don't have one in Tampa! Grrrr!!! But, I guess I could always just make the trip over to the Orlando one. Hmnnn... I'll have to think about that. Anyway, I thought the store offers a lovely selection of mid-century inspired furnishings and decorative pieces. Granted, I am one for buying original vintage... don't get me wrong. But, a few new pieces here and there don't hurt either. IF you can afford it! Don't go getting into debt over it or anything! : ) So, make sure to check them out on their lovely website here.
Things are going well over on the Florida coast. : ) My stress levels are significantly down now that the shop's closed and our etsy sales are actually up! Which is fantastic! So, it's a good week. Soon I shall go on a girls trip to the beautiful mountains of Tennessee and the lovely state of South Carolina. : ) Any tourist suggestions? I'm excited! Gotta get that vacation in before summer is over. : ) I hope you are all having a sweet and relaxing week. If not... hey... there's only 4 days to the weekend. : )
Happy Decorating!

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