Remember how I said I'm tired by the time Thursday rolls around? Remember I said I'd just post pretty pictures on a Thursday because that seemed like an easy thing to do? Ha! Who did I think I was kidding?
Remember how I said I'd start to stockpile images I loved throughout the week? Well that wasn't the problem. That was spectacularly easy given what we see on blogs every day.
an image by Nanette at Rummage
The problem was far more complicated than that... 
via greige
The problem was...if you'll bear with me... 
via the diversion project (Jules makes an appearance for the 2nd week in a row!)
...the torture involved in whittling it down to just ten...from the around eleventy-three I'd collected.
an image by Louise of Vintage by Lou Lou
Goodness it was fun though...
an image by la porte rouge (you really must visit this site if you haven't already...she always takes the most stunning photos)

via the diversion project (bloody heck there she is again...banned next week! Joking.)

an image by Johanna of vintage
Oh ok...just the one more because it made me smile so much!

Crumbs...what have I started!