How hard could it be to make a clock? Pretty simple right? For some perhaps...stick with me while I give you a few lessons learned the hard way!
Lesson 1: when you think you have the right probably don't.
I had the plate which cost a whole $2.36 from a Target sale. I had a clock mechanism from a clock that was really cheap and I really didn't like. I had a drill of my very own. I had the MGM and his masonry drill bits (which I don't have). So, just drill a hole in the plate, pop in the mechanism and Bob's your uncle or Mame's your aunty (I wish). Ah, no. The masonry drill bit wasn't up to the task...leaving the MGM and his drill a bit...well, annoyed! This is as far as we got with the masonry drill bit...

...not very far at all. I do hope that you're impressed by the fact that I was clever enough to use masking tape so the drill didn't slip though!
Lesson 2: when you think it won't take will.
So, of course I knew that a trip to Bunnings to get the right drill bit would be needed. I did that one lunchtime. It took a while to find someone other than a 12 year old who didn't have a clue to help me. Of course, that someone came in the form of a thirty something woman...yay girl power! Alas, I didn't take the clock mechanism with me (semi-blonde, pre-menopausal girl power!), and she assured me that a 6.5cm drill bit was the standard size (for what I'm not sure) and should be fine. Nope. So back to Bunnings last weekend to buy more of the little suckers incredibly useful drill bits...a pack just to make sure this time! Which is moving this clock from el-cheapo into a little bit more than budget! Oh well, the price of DIY.
But it worked, although even with the right drill bit it took about a gazillion hours! I left it on the kitchen bench and would give the drill a whirl (or a whir) every time I walked past...until...hallelujah...

Lesson 3: when you think you're clever enough to do it as effortlessly as everyone else makes it look in aren't.
See Lessons 1 and 2 above for why that's as true as true can be!!
Lesson 4: when you think it's all too much might not be.

I think it looks pretty good hanging in my bedroom. And that cat etching (Miss Chin by Australian artist  Frances Luke) is a lot less trouble than the vampire slayer...although it does look a bit evil...sorry about the reflection off the glass..

Lesson 5: if it makes you happy, and it actually tells the was worth it!
And it does...tell the time...really well. Even without having any numbers on it...because that was a whole world of pain I wasn't going anywhere near!
all images by me; the good, the bad and the just plain ugly.

And if you're after a bit of black and white of your own (did you like that segue?), don't forget to enter my glass art giveaway here. The MGM is mightily chuffed by all the lovely comments you've made BTW. Like the vampire slayer, he might be demanding his own blog soon!