: : I've found a lot of great eye candy on .emma's blogg. recently. This looks like an incredible bathroom. I love fresh air, sunlight..... imagine waking up and going outside to take a shower looking up at the sky. Genius idea! I love the use of all the wood too, both from a practical and aesthetic standpoint.
: : another inspiring bathroom with lots of natural sunlight.
: : I became really inspired by botanical illustrations last year. And recently I visited .Harvard's Natural History museum. in Cambridge. They have an absolutely mind blowing collection of botanical glass models and hundreds of drawings. It is beautiful! I could have stayed there for hours. Do go visit if you live in Boston. It's free on Sundays before noon. The illustrations in the image above are of Swedish plants. One day I hope to find something similar at a flea market in Sweden.

(all images from .emma's blogg.)