T here's nothing I love more than browsing the I-Net and finding pictures of a fabulous home. But, there's nothing I dislike more than finding those pictures, saving them to my laptop and then forgetting to jot down where I found them! Doink! I think... it was Design Sponge. But, don't quote me on that. If you happen to know... tell me!!! Anywho, I absolutely swooned at the sight of this house. Wow! My dream home. Really... my absolute dream home. That foyer/front hallway being my favorite. I would just find a nook in there and live quite happily. : ) No complaints here! Well, I may not have this dream home. But, we are moving into a home I'm quite excited about! I've got the kitchen pretty much moved in already. I'm doing a cute-sy, boho chic look in there. Let's just say there may just be an owl or two and a couple of crocheted dish towels. : ) I'll share some pictures as soon as we're settled in. : ) Exciting stuff!!! So... how are you all doing?
Happy Decorating!

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