There's absolutely no reason why your mid-century design should take a halt at your living room. In fact, it's an awesome style to incorporate into a bathroom. Why? It's clean lines and calm aesthetic lends itself naturally and beautifully to your bathroom. After all, it is the one place in your home where you go to clean up and relax, right? Unless you have a water proof phone and you're in there taking business calls. If you're doing that, then you probably don't have time to decorate, in which case this post does not even apply to you. Please disregard. : ) For the rest of us, however... it's a wonderful style to incorporate into our squeaky clean spaces. Now... nobody said it has to be boring to be clean and mid-century. Oh no sir! You can bring in some pretty nifty color and artwork on your shower curtain! Shower curtains are like paint on your walls. It's an easy way to change up your look without it costing you an arm and a leg! Certainly, some shower curtains can run you up to $150. But, that is more cost-effective than a $30,000 bathroom re-model, right? Hopefully everyone had a super, sqeaky clean weekend! I'm on my day off today. The hubs and I went to see a possible new (temp) dig yesterday. But, we've decided to keep on searching. I'm already seeing the "no-fun" aspect of this endeavor. It sucks, actually. Oh well. Keep your fingers crossed! Until tomorrow kiddies!
Happy Decorating!

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