Hi bloggy peeps. A very long day yesterday, flying to and from Melbourne ...with no time at all for anything other than...drive to the airport, hop on a plane...get the taxi into the city (Seriously, the traffic in the big smoke! It took longer to do that than it did to fly there)...run a workshop...20 minutes for a rushed lunch...run another workshop...get in a taxi to the airport...throw down a cold refreshing sauv blanc at the QANTAS club...hop on another plane...find the car somewhere in the carpark (actually that took me a while...well it was dark when I got there in the morning half asleep and dark when I got back there at night with the other half of me asleep)...drive home...collapse!
When I got home all I wanted to do was head here...
[...oops, proof positive that I don't always iron the pillowcases!]
... snuggle up with this...

...a riveting story (at least up to page 45 where I fell asleep) about a single mum of three teenagers who bans computers, mobiles, television, electronic games etc for six months as an experiment in living without electronic media (she is obviously not a blogger...and yes you read right...they were teenagers!) She even turned off the electricity for the first week to go cold turkey...no fridge, no air conditioning, no hair straightener, no google...eek!!
The author says that her family's "self imposed exile from the Information Age changed our lives indelibly - and infinitely for the better". I can't wait to read how.
Tonight I'm planning on doing something simple (very simple...because I'm still a bit weary) with these bottles that I bought at trash and treasure on Sunday for $10...
And as for that blasted delightfully fulfilling silver leafing...hopefully I will be in a position to reveal the project that has momentarily taken over from the chair in the next few days...maybe, possibly, fingers crossed I can finish it and it will look as I imagine it should look...just call me Pollyanna!!

book cover image from Book Depository (a source of books that I am completely besotted with...and it takes a lot to besot me!)