So...are you ready? Here is my first gift to you, celebrating the now just over 120 lovely people who read my blog (how on earth did that happen!) It's something that is very special to me because it was made by the MGM (the 'most gorgeous man' for the uninitiated)...and sorry, I know most of you don't know him...and I know I'm blatantly biased...but doesn't get much better than this for me!
The MGM (aka Richard Baldwin) has been working in glass for around 10 years now and, as an art teacher, introduced the study of glass for senior secondary students into the Australian Capital Territory school system (love him for that). He studied photo media at the Australian National University School of Art (and yet, refuses to take photos for me...honestly, men! Something about learning it for myself I think he said...ha). He will be forgiven, as he's cute (seen here with some other examples of his work). We're both quite fond of black and white!

The glass tile I'm giving away was fired at a high temperature of 870 degrees C (don't open the kiln while that's going on!) which gives it its oval form and also the small holes in the glass (which I quite reminds me of the Amish saying about only God creating perfection). This kiln fired glass was made by layering and fusing different glass pieces together, providing the complexity of layers I hope you can see here. We think it looks like misty Asian mountains but you may see something different. I see an owl in this shot! I've photographed it without the glass in the frame, but obviously I'll put that back in, and I may have smudged it a bit here, sorry!

The frame measures 26.5 x 21.5 cm (or roughly 10.5 x 8.5 inches)...and yes, if you're overseas and you win...I will of course wrap it up really well and post it off to soon as I can bear to part with it...I'm liking the way it looks in my bedroom!

So if you would like to share my love of Richard's glass art, I think the drill goes something like this:
a comment = 1 entry
following the blog = 1 entry
popping the giveaway on your side bar = 1 entry
blogging about it = 1 entry
(someone tell me if I got that wrong)
Entries close next Sunday 16th May...that will be sometime Saturday 15th for overseas bloggy peeps (don't worry I'll be flexible because I have absolutely no clue when it comes to time zones)
I'll do the random number generator thing (when someone tells me how); failing that, the vampire slayer can choose (...oh the mind boggles at the thought of that!)
all photos by me...and let me tell took ages to get some I could art photography certainly won't be my next career!