W hen re-doing or re-vamping a room, the proper window treatment can make or break your attempt. You could have a fabulous collection of furnishings and accessories and be ruining its presentation with a set of horrid blinds right behind it all. I sympathize with you. Trust me. Been there. Done that. If you live in an apartment or rental home and have blind loving land lords, then you can simply drape cool curtains right over the blinds. Then, just simply remove the curtains when you move. Never once, having touched the blinds! Now... a mid-century decor can pretty much take any type of curtain... almost. It can do strictly mid-century, simple fun with pom poms or graphic delish. Just stay away from anything too contradictory... (country, for example... think angels and hearts... lots of angels and hearts... blech! I think I just lost my eye sight thinking about that!).
I know... I know... my blog posts have been a bit late lately. But, there's just a ton o' stuff going on all at once! We found a new place to temporarily live while our house is re-modeled and we couldn't be more thrilled with it! It's much bigger than where we live now (almost twice the size!). So... needless to say... between the move, the shop and everything else in between... life is getting a bit hectic. Thankfully, there are no kids yet. Wishing everyone a fantabulous Tuesday! Stay tuned for Etsy Tuesday later on today!!
Happy Decorating!

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