Well not proud to be YOUR mum (because obviously I'm not your mum)...proud to be THEIR mum...(not that I wouldn't be perfectly happy to be related to any of you of course!)
Thanks you two lovely, wonderful, talented and highly attractive children of mine for the joy you've given me...and the presents...and we'll just forget the other bits like the time....(oh ok, mum's the word...I'll save that for another post!)
And you can't get cranky at me for putting your photo on my blog...it's Mothers' Day and that requires niceness to your mother. I love you both...enormously...and I'm not joking about the proud bit.
And thank you also to the lovely people who read this blog, for all the kind comments over the last few days to say 'hang in there' after the crappy week I had. I do appreciate it very much...and a few hours at the hairdressers yesterday for cut, colour and coffees didn't hurt either!
Wishing you all a very happy day...a day on which there will be NO silver-leafing in the tranquil townhouse!
Please come back and visit tomorrow for my giveaway :)
all photos by me; it's rather difficult to take your own photo in a mirror I've discovered!