So...(get scared when I say that)... I was at a client's yesterday morning and on my way back to the office at lunchtime I just happened to drive past a large Salvos op shop (alright, I took a very minor detour but let's not get all factual)...and I found this painting...
The woman who sold it to me....for $4 bloggy peeps, $4...said "you'll be painting over that then". Ah, no... I won't.  

I was much more polite than that of course, my mother will be pleased to know...not that she reads this blog...she doesn't even have a computer. Give her a break, she's 81 and resistant! Ok, stubborn.
It's a little bit Salvador (without the creepiness), a little bit Alice, I'm sensing a possible Day of the Triffids moment...perhaps a touch of Dorothy. 

No matter what...I love it! 
And then, downstairs in the bargain basement...this...for $1!  
And the lovely man took my money and said "there you go...take the world with you". He understood.
So I was pretty chuffed by my very brief lunchtime excursion. But not as chuffed as I was to notch up 102 bloggy friends who have chosen to show a 'tranquil sign of support' for my silly (and sometimes serious!) carry-ons by clicking on that follow button (yes, yes I know I forced some of you, but just the ones I'm related to or drink with). 
It was a dream for me to reach 100 and now I have a few more and I couldn't be more excited. The MGM and I are working on a little giveaway in'll be able to have a piece of him (ok, his glass art...he's all mine) but we are both the most disorganised people so it might take a bit of time to get our act together.  You reading this darling?? 
So until tomorrow...thank you, thank you, thank you...each and're too wonderful for words. Truly.
all images by the one holding the camera...that would be me. except for the last one, that would be here